The Accountant Review

Warner Bros.’s new mid-level movie, The Accountant is about an autistic genius math savant who is trained by his ex-army father to kick ass, and who runs a small accounting firm with a dangerous clientele. With the Treasury department closing in on him, and some of his clients trying to get rid of him, the accountant must decide if he wants to run away and start all over like he does every time, or face his enemies.


The Good:

There is a lot to like about The Accountant. Director Gavin O’Conner, known for Warrior, has a knack for seamlessly slipping in drama in the face of serious peril. There is also humor in the most unexpected scenarios and it doesn’t once feel out of place. Ben Affleck, is solid as the accountant with his nuanced portrayal of the autistic character.  JK Simmons as the head of the Treasury department trying to capture the Accountant has a short role but he manages to make a lasting impression out of it. The action scenes are particularly gripping and the music and cinematography are in good sync elevating the effect of these tense scenes.

The Bad:

Cynthia Addai-Robinson, playing a new recruit in the Treasury department, tasked with capturing the accountant, was the biggest flaw in the movie.The plot could have benefited without her character and her over the top acting. Her quest to catch the accountant feels too easy and her path leading to him feels overly convenient. The plot as a whole doesn’t have a lot of content, but the flashbacks, the revelations and the action, keep you engaged. With the kind of skills and clientele the accountant has, I was expecting more trouble to come his way and more hurdles to be faced. But it feels like everything is very suspiciously favorable to him.



All in all, this is a good movie that doesn’t fully explore the potential of the stage it sets. Irrespective of its flaws, this is a fun movie and its a good way to pass your time without feeling disappointed. Its worth the price of admission. I will rate it 7.5 out of 10.

Rating: 7.5/10


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