X-men Apocalypse Review

17 years after its inception and after resetting the past in the previous movie to bring back favorite characters that were killed off, comes another installment of the X-men series, still set in the past (the newer one) and featuring a formidable villain with no limitations. Bryan Singer is back to direct the franchise that he started and forged and so are a long list of popular actors. In spite of the now overly convoluted timelines and interconnections between characters of different timelines, the movie works to engage and entertain for the most part. The only issue with it is that it doesn’t offer anything new that the franchise hasn’t already offered.

The world’s first mutant rises from centuries of sleep and checks out the world around him. He is not so pleased. So he decides to recruit a team and rebuild a better world by destroying the current one. The X-men are the only ones in his way.


The Bad:

Frankly, nothing about the movie is original. There have been so many X-men movies and almost all elements of this movie seem somehow recycled from previous versions. Neither the plot nor the powers nor the characters nor the dialogues have any smidgen of originality in them. That’s probably because this X-men universe has offered everything it has to offer. Few scenes near the climax go into the head of Professor X and stop making much sense. Apocalypse is wasted as a villain with such great powers, having such meager and senseless goals like rebuilding the world, rather than having a more complex and intelligent scheme. It would make sense if he wasn’t satisfied with the social system and wants to rebuild it, but the movie makes it seem like he wants to literally rebuild the world brick by brick, civil engineering wise.

The Good:

Although the movie doesn’t have any originality, its not a pain to watch. Singer knows how to engage his audience, and even though he uses same scenes as those in the previous films, he manages to make them exciting. There is a Quicksilver sequence that is definitely the stand-out scene of the movie, even though it isn’t much of a match for the original shorter one from Days of Future Past. The movie shows off Hollywood’s mastery of Visual Effects and CGI with its numerous action scenes and unlike most superhero movies, the 3D is well planned and perceptible. James McAvoy as Prof. X and Michael Fassbender as Magneto seep into their characters perfectly and own the screen for most of the run time.



X-men is not a bad movie. In fact, its quite a good one. It just pales in comparison to others in the series like First Class. There are probably only so many ways you can use these characters and tell their stories and after 17 years and 9 of these mutant installments, and with Hugh Jackman hanging his cape, it seems like it’s time to end it. I will rate this movie 7.5/10.

Rating: 7.5/10


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