Captain America: Civil War Review

A sequel to both 2014’s Captain America Winter Soldier and the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Avengers movies, Civil War kicks off MCU’s Phase 3, also known as the deconstruction phase. As much fun as it was to watch the Avengers work together, its now time to split them up and watch them at each other’s throats. Much like Batman v Superman earlier this year, Civil War is a story of multiple protagonists pitted against each other, but the two movies are poles apart in their execution. While BvS spends so much time focusing on the flaws of its heroes and trying to launch the DC universe, Civil War presents a simple and realistic divisive argument that forces the Avengers to chose sides based on their experiences and then builds on how their choices affect their relationships. It chooses to demonstrate the incorruptibility of its protagonist and resonates with the audience in a way that BvS never did.

The United Nations wants to put a check on the Avengers and they offer them an accord that they can choose to sign, which turns out to be a schismatic issue and splits them up in teams. To escalate issues, Captain’s childhood friend, Bucky, is seen blowing up a building, and Captain’s faith in his friend prompts him to get to Bucky before the governments with hostile intentions do.

The Good:

The plot is smart and makes perfect sense. Both the teams are logically correct in their arguments about the accord, and its only their experiences that ultimately decide which side they pick. As they did with The Winter Soldier, the directors (Russo brothers) and the writers (Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely), prefer a more realistic plot, rather than a more fictional one of villains from other worlds and stories about the infinity stones; A plot about earthly problems within our systems; about things that would naturally tend to happen in a world where superheroes are allowed to run freely. This is always a better choice for a superhero movie since it helps connect better with the viewers. With a myriad of superheroes, its impressive how every single one of them has their moments and none of them feels like they were underused. The bad guy, played brilliantly by Daniel Brühl, has a well-defined reason for his deeds and a meticulously crafted and executed plan, both of which Lex Luthor was missing in BvS. Captain America’s firm belief in his principles and his willingness to stand steadfast against entire governments for the sake of those tenets, inspires awe and respect for his character. Black Widow’s character, who is torn between her choice of team and her feelings for the enemy, is very well-written and enacted. The usually overweening and arrogant Tony Stark shows his vulnerable side, which is refreshing to watch. There are no shortcomings in the acting department either, and its safe to say that Chris Evans, with his brilliant portrayal of the incorruptible hero, is now synonymous with Captain America. Black Panther is the newest addition to the MCU and the character has a key role in the movie, and manages to impress. And Spiderman is finally back to with Marvel and boy, what an intro. It is evident that directors Anthony and Joe Russo understand what superhero movies need to be and they have a knack for executing their vision almost flawlessly.

The Bad:

The soundtrack. I have always had a problem with the kind of soundtrack marvel movies use. They never capture the urgency of the moment and always imbue the feeling of watching a children’s movie. Captain America Winter Soldier was the first exception to this type of soundtrack and I was really hoping Civil War would do the same, especially because they have the same composer. Unfortunately, it didn’t.



It takes a lot of oversight to create a great movie when there are so many characters with intertwined stories involved. Russo brothers got it right with The Winter Soldier and now again with Civil War, and now they are all set to direct the next two Avengers movies. Its going to be a real challenge this time, since there cannot be such a realistic plot, because it definitely has villains from different planets involved and the Guardians of the Galaxy are joining the earth bound avengers. But seeing what they have done with Civil War, its probable that Russo brothers might pull it off again. I’ll give this a 9/10.

Rating: 9/10



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