Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Review

Ethan Hunt cannot stop pushing himself to unbelievably new limits every time he goes on a new mission. But after having to climb the tallest man-made structure in the world and almost falling off of it, you’d think he’s had enough of this impossible stuff. But turns out there are things that are more risky that he’d be willing to pull off. And it is exactly these thrilling endeavors of Mr. Hunt that create a compelling 2 hour ride that keeps you at the edge of your seat.

Syndicate is a rogue international organization trying to destroy the Impossible Mission Force and capturing Hunt is their first step to it. Once Hunt manages to escape, he learns that the CIA is also trying to shut down the IMF and has declared him a fugitive. With no help from his organization, Hunt must now find a way to escape the CIA and the Syndicate, while trying to gain information about them in order to eradicate them.


The Bad:

There is not much to criticize in the movie except for some overlong motorbike chasing and the antagonist’s indiscernible voice. Sean Harris has done a decent job acting as the villain, but his unnecessarily reedy and hoarse voice leaves you feeling irritated. He also fails to make it seem innate and it really feels like the actor is trying hard to sound that way. The plot is pretty nondescript for its genre and trite words and phrases from the franchise like “disavowed” and “self-destruct” are thrown around a lot of times.

The Good:

Tom Cruize is charming as the beloved action hero, and at the age of 50, twenty years after the franchise began, is still pulling off stunts even 20 year old actors use stuntmen for. All Mission Impossible movies have their unique selling points and although this movie was marketed with posters and promos claiming the airplane scene was its greatest achievement, the most thrilling scene of the movie is another underwater feat. Hanging from an airplane while its taking off is a pretty awesome stunt, but it’s not even close to holding your breath underwater for over 3 minutes while on a mission, with the risk of losing your partner if you don’t do your underwater job on time. Moreover, the airplane hanging is the very first scene in the movie and does not have much significance to the story. I’ve not been very fond of Simon Pegg’s role in the other Mission Impossibles, but this movie is incomplete without the humor he adds to it. Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust is a true catch for the franchise and having a woman who is not just a distraction, but a fellow ass-kicker, is a definite win for the movie. The dubious nature of her character also keeps you wary throughout the movie.



Mission Impossible is one of the only franchises that isn’t getting dulled down with time, and twenty years after the first movie, I would still like to watch more of these. Rogue Nation is exactly the MI5 movie I was hoping for, and although it’s just shy of being as good as Ghost Protocol, it’s a perfect action movie. I will rate this one 8. Go watch it on the big screen.

Rating: 8/10


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