Inside Out Review

An original idea is a rare treat in this age of sequels and commercial movies. But the creative minds at Pixar have abundant reserves of these, and this time, they get into the head of a little girl to explore her emotions, materialized as tiny creatures operating within a control room in her head. An animation movie always has the liberty to ignore details and be logically inconsistent and never have to hold up to scrutiny. That’s the reason most of the animation movies are successful, not only in the box office, but also critically. People watch these movies to forget their stressful lives and have some fun. Inside Out is a movie that satisfies this need completely.

Riley is a girl from Minnesota, whose emotions and memories are mostly happy, and everything in here head is peaceful until her family moves to San Francisco. Her emotions: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear, who worked in harmony until then, are faced with conflicts about determining her actions in response to situations. The situation gets out of hand when the wisest of the emotional manifestations, Joy, gets sucked out of the control room into the “personality islands” along with Sadness, far from the headquarters. As Joy and Sadness try to find their way back, Riley goes through a very difficult phase, with only Anger, Fear and Disgust, in control of her actions.

The Good:

Inside Out is one of the most innovative ideas Pixar has come up with, since the Toy Story series. The movie not only shows all these emotions as tiny people, but also makes you feel those emotions. You empathize not only with Riley but also with her emotions. There are a lot of fun moments and an equal number of poignant ones. But if I were to pick the best thing about the movie, it would be the soundtrack. Michael Giacchino, the Oscar winning composer of Up, has done a fantastic job, providing life to an already amazing movie. The soundtrack elicits every emotion you are supposed to feel, not just the manifestations in the movie, but also awe, surprise, urgency and a whole lot of others.

The Bad:

There’s not much.The movie does not make a whole lot of sense in many ways, and it does seem like the writers made up rules as they went along. It would have been better to have a more wider set of emotions rather just the fundamental ones. But as I mentioned before, anything is acceptable when its an animation comedy-drama, as long as its fun.


Inside Out is one of the best movies of the year, and it’s also one of the finest animation movies ever. It’s not as good as Toy Story, but those little emotion creatures trying to help their owner do trigger the same emotional responses as the little toys caring for their owner. This is a must watch.

Rating: 8.5/10


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