Jurassic World Review

There are only so many ways to make a visual effects powered monster movie and every single one of them has been explored time and again. So my initial thoughts about another Jurassic World movie were admittedly pejorative. And although I was right about this being territory that has been explored within every inch of it, the movie was still surprisingly entertaining, which I will ascribed mainly to its innovative ideas for recycling the same old scenes.

The story has nothing fresh to offer: the management of Jurassic world has created the monstrous Indominous Rex, in order to cope with the insatiable need of the ever increasing and demanding audience. This huge creature, bred in isolation is highly intelligent and manages to escape its prison and brings havoc on the park, the other dinosaurs and the visitors. Its up to a dinosaur trainer and researcher, Owen, and the park’s operations manager, Claire, to save the inhabitants, themselves as well as Claire’s nephews who came to visit the park and get into trouble unaware of the Indominous Rex running loose.


The Good:

The visual effects are definitely the best thing about the movie, and with an amazing use of 3D technology, this movie is a visually thrilling ride throughout. Director Collin Treverrow does a nice job keeping the movie’s light feel while punctuating it with thrilling chases, both of which are equally entertaining.

The Bad:

The script and story are the same as every other monster movie. The action towards the end gets a little incomprehensible with huge dinosaurs fighting one another and the camera not being wide enough to capture all of it in the frame. This, obviously, is a technique to give the viewer’s a realistic experience of standing there with those monsters, but its more exhausting than enthralling. The acting isn’t so exceptional either, but that can be chalked up to the fact that there is not much scope for any exceptional acting. All we need is a few scary looks and the ability to run around. But if I were to pick the worst thing in the movie, It’s undoubtedly Irrfan Khan. The Indian actor definitely has acting skills, but his accent, which is neither Indian nor American, is just undecipherable, and a major character in the movie with such an accent is a really bad choice.


There have been a multitude of these dinosaur/ monster movies and even though Jurassic World does not do anything groundbreaking in this genre, its certainly worth a watch and its a enjoyable while it lasts.

Rating: 7.5/10


2 thoughts on “Jurassic World Review

  1. Glad you enjoyed the film. I really enjoyed it partly because I loved Jurassic Park so much I was willing to give it plenty of leeway and suspend my disbelief! Great review, you are definitely right about the action movie genre being done in every conceivable way. I would love for you to check out my movie blog too where I reviewed Jurassic World (2nd post down) and more recently Slow West. https://slatethesilverscreen.wordpress.com/category/wrapped-slate-movie-reviews/

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