Paddington Review

Based on the fictional character, the Paddington Bear, the movie is a family comedy written and directed by Paul King. It’s a simple story about a young talking bear, who travels to London searching for a home. After meeting a kind family that offers to temporarily house him and help him find a home, the bear begins to learn about people in the family and about humans as a whole.

paddington_new_film_poster (1)

The Good:

Paddington, the bear protagonist, who, except for his surprising propriety, is a novice to the human ways, provides good humor throughout as he tries to acclimate into his new world. The bear’s character has been amazingly presented. You are welling with sympathy for it right from the beginning. Scenes where the bear writes letters to his retired aunt expressing his feelings and describing the humans are exceptionally incisive and demonstrate fine film making. The graphics on the bear is just right. Nicole Kidman is perfect as the antagonist and the character development of the Brown family which takes in the bear, and their acting (Hugh Bonneville as Mr. Brown and Sally Hawkins as Mrs. Brown) also deserve a mention.

The Bad:

As always, there isn’t much to criticize when it comes to family comedy. The antagonist’s nefarious plan involving the bear would have seemed better if there was a little more gravitas to it. The movie is fun throughout but a plot where there was more at stake would have added some spice. Although the ending seemed slightly hasty, you can’t complain with such a movie, since all the movie is supposed to do is make you feel good and that it does perfectly.


Overall, Paddington is a fine comedy and will leave you smiling, even after a tedious day at work. I will rate it 7.5 on 10.

Rating: 7.5/10


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