An Year in Review

As we enter a new year, I decided to compile a list of five movies I watched and loved this year. I have restricted it to those that have released this year.

Here we go!


Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-2-1308x1940 In a surfeit of comic-book movies, this one stands out for its extremely unconventional style and idiosyncratic sense of humor. Watch it for its outstanding graphics, fresh take on superhero movies and unbelievably eccentric comedy.

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gone-girl-poster This is one of the darkest movies of this year, with a plot that gives you a glimpse of the darkest marriage story, which takes turns that will leave a chill running down your spine. Watch it for Rosamund Pike, the twisted plot, and superb screenplay.

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Captain_America_The_Winter_SoldierAn extremely fun movie that brings dignity to the First Avenger and also shows how Marvel can make movies not just for kids. Watch it for the intelligent film making, fantastic action scenes, and a marvelous score.

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article-2652307-1E95DBAB00000578-981_634x868 An alien invasion movie with time travel can be a clichéd theme. But EoT ensures you have loads of fun, with just the right amount of humor and gravitas that appears with impeccable timing. Watch it for smart direction, fabulous script, and riveting storytelling.

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Interstellar_ALT_Artowrk-660x1030The best of the year has to be a movie that’s not just a fun time but also involves you into the science of the story. This is a movie that will leave you wondering about the interstellar space and the physics involved days after it’s over. Watch it for its amazing score, flawless acting, breathtaking visual effects, and for the grand and massive scale of its sublime idea.

Read full review here


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