Gone Girl Review

Based on a novel by Gillian Flynn, the movie is a thriller, a murder mystery and also a commentary on modern marriage and the influence of media on a popular missing person case. This genre, which explores such unsettling elements of the society is exactly what director David Fincher would consider his forte. And this movie is evidence enough to prove him right.

The movie begins with Ben Affleck’s character returning home to find his wife missing. He reports it to the police and an investigation ensues, with evidence pointing to Affleck’s involvement in her disappearance. The media steps in and a thrilling ride with chilling revelations and machinations follows.


The Good:

Flynn, whose novel the movie is based on, has done a wonderful job with the screenplay. With the plot cutting back and forth in time, and everything coming together in the end, it’s just amazing to witness the story unfold.  It is evident that the director has made the movie with extreme care and effort. Every scene has a sense of dread and movie has the intended effect of eliciting a chill down your spine and a sense of shock and disgust. The score and picture quality also add a creepy feel to the entire movie. However the two leads would be the unparalleled strength of the movie. Ben Affleck who plays the husband, strikes the right notes and manages to make you empathize with him. Its Rosammund Pike, however, who plays her mysterious character in a way that is both mesmerizing and chilling.

The Bad:

The gory scenes and the nudity could have been toned down a little, but with such a movie, I was expecting it anyway. The controversial ending was one of the main issues I have with the movie. Of course, it’s based on a novel and followed the same story, but I would have wished for more closure than what was provided. I was more shocked at how abrupt the ending seemed, than any of the other frequent shocking revelations throughout the movie.


The movie is a flawless piece of entertainment that will keep you gripped for its entire runtime and leave you wondering about it for days. If not for the ending, I would be completely satisfied with it. If you have read the book and know the ending, this should be the best movie this year for you. But if you haven’t, just don’t expect a great finish and you should really love the flick. I will go with an 8 on 10 for this great tale, even though it deserves more, just because the novel didn’t close the story well enough for my liking.

Rating: 8/10


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