PK Review

The Aamir Khan- Raju Hirani pair did wonders five years ago with 3 idiots, an extremely entertaining film with a thoughtful message. PK is a movie where they try achieve the same task to convey a different message – think for yourself and don’t follow a religion or faith blindly. From the point of view of an alien, who arrives in a country where religion and rituals are an everyday entity, the movie does a pretty good job at entertaining. However, does it succeed at conveying the message? Not really.


The Good:

The first half is just brilliant. Its probably better than all other movies of Hirani. The jokes are original and they will definitely provide some genuine laughs. Although Anushka Sharma, Boman Irani and Saurabh Shukla play their parts with grace, it’s Aamir who steals the show as the brazen wide-eyed paan-chewing alien. He makes you empathize with his character, even though the character is from a completely different milieu, in fact a different planet.

The Bad:

Not only does the second half seem overly reductive but also edges on ludicrous. It is inane how the movie considers religion as a means of acquiring material objects and nothing more. The TV interview at the end was a completely ridiculous face-off between the main characters and seems too farfetched even for Bollywood. The director also relies on the same formula he used in all of his previous movies (the “wrong number” concept is just the same as “Jaadoo ki jhappi” in Munnabhai MBBS, and “Get well soon flowers” in Lage Raho Munna Bhai). And those banal dialogues describing the hero as the one who taught us how to live has really run its course.


Even though its message is lost in a farrago of facile arguments, the movie works as a time-pass entertainer. With a flawless first half and Aamir Khan in the lead role, the movie is all set to break box-office records in India. I will go with a 7 on 10 for PK. Coming from a director who gave us Lage Raho Munnabhai and 3 Idiots, it’s certainly not a gem and definitely not Hirani’s best.

Rating: 7/10


5 thoughts on “PK Review

  1. The review has focused on the right elements & I feel 7/10 is not bad for a movie that has been making quite some news,thanks to media.
    Though not Hirani’s best, the movie asks necessary questions for us to ponder.
    Your blog has really nice content.
    Looking forward to read more from your blog.
    All the best.

  2. nice review! The last part tell us the impact of ‘over-confidence’ buddy. The monk was over-confident and he risked the entire debate on a simple challenge.
    Defeating the monk in argument was a more tougher task(his political questions) but he choose to take the easy way and thus faced the defeat with a great insult.
    But anyways u gave a nice idea in your review.

  3. Nice review. Though I didn’t thought of it much, I have to agree with you that religion has been portrayed as a way of gaining material things only and not the spirituality part. However, since religion dominates almost all aspects of our life, it would have been pretty impractical to restrict religion to spirituality don’t you think?
    Though the Sarfaraz part in the last ‘manazra’ annoyed me, I loved the dialogues and all that PK implies. All the debate on ‘protecting God’ was the best part and people of the subcontinent needed to hear that. Esp the fanatics living in our countries.

    • Thanks a lot for the comment.
      Yes, it would have been impractical to restrict religion only to the aspect of spirituality, but it would have been good to speak a little about it before concluding. And yes, I was referring to the Sarfaraz side-story at the end when I said it gets ludicrous. I agree with you about the ‘protecting God’ part. It was very germane and required.

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