Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

In spite of being the first avenger, Captain America was a vague character that was one of the least popular among the avengers (of course, who could compete with Mr. Stark and Mr. Banner?). The first movie ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ only managed to introduce the Captain and show off his bravery, patriotism and not-so-extraordinary skills but didn’t quite make its mark. Thankfully, its sequel achieves this brilliantly.


Steve Rogers(Chris Evans), popularly known as Captain America is trying to catch up with the world he isn’t acclimated to and is working for SHIELD, along with Black Widow(Scarlett Johansson). On a mission to save a SHIELD vessel captured by pirates, Captain sees Black Widow extracting data from the hard drive of the ship, and realizes his boss, Nick Fury is hiding something from him. Nick explains that SHIELD is working on project Insight, which involves building giant airships that are meant to spy on and eliminate potential threats before they can fester. Captain argues that punishment comes after crime and that SHIELD is usurping the freedom of the people, but Fury is adamant about the need for such power, although wary about its misuse. Nick tries to access the data from the ship but strangely isn’t granted authority. Soon after, he is attacked by the Winter Soldier and the rest of the story is a whole set of revelations about SHIELD’s ulterior motives and the Winter Soldier’s past, which I wouldn’t want to spoil for you.

The storyline is enthralling with twists and revelations at every corner and never ceases to amaze you. The action scenes will put you at the edge of your seat, and the dialogue is witty and has impeccable comic timing (a senior SHIELD officer asks Fury to ensure that Iron Man attends his daughter’s birthday party, in exchange for a serious favor). The avengers are mentioned a couple of times, though none of them show up. The director and writers ensure that the movie entertains all audiences, as opposed to just comic book fans or action movie maniacs. Screenplay is the cherry on top of the cake with a proper medley of comedy and emotion (especially, the scene where Captain and Natasha are trying to blend in is not just comic but also gripping), and you will certainly be riveted to it till the very end. Watch out for hilarious scene with Stan Lee’s cameo as the guard in the Smithsonian museum. The 3D is not really perceptible but the special effects are bang on. The background score deserves a special mention, especially since it has a more austere touch in contrast to the typical light and happy Marvel movie scores.

In the acting department, Chris Evans as our hero is exactly what we expect of him. He is as courteous as ever and has that righteousness in his veins, and at the same time, he is also the brave and mighty soldier. Scarlett Johanssonis the same ruthless Black Widow from Avengers, but with a little more emotion, arising from circumstances (which can’t be revealed without spoiling the movie). Samuel L Jackson as Director Nick Fury and Anthony Mackie as the new character, Falcon, assisting the good people, strike the right notes.

The only minor flaw, in my opinion is that the Winter Soldier’s perspective and emotions were not explored as much as it should have been. It would be nice to know what he had been doing all those years in more detail. Nonetheless, this movie is a masterpiece that the first Avenger very much required to make his mark and now, he is all set to take his place with the Avengers, as it releases next year.

Rating: 9/10


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