Gravity Review

When Director Alfonso Cuarón came up with the idea of Gravity, it was met with skepticism and he was told it was unfeasible and impossible to bring the film to life. If he would have believed those skeptics and given up his impossible dream, we wouldn’t get to watch the most enthralling experience of the year and possibly in the history of all cinema. This 90 minute survival story, starring only two actors could have easily gone all wrong, but in the adept hands of Cuarón and his two leads, it is a marvel that will be remembered not only for the visual extravaganza that it is, but also for fine storytelling.


The plot is fairly simple. Dr. Ryan Stone(Sandra Bullock) and Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) are two astronauts, left adrift in space after their space shuttle is destroyed by debris originating from a Russian spy satellite. They are disconnected from their Mission Control on earth and must make it back home to earth on their own, with the limited resources at their disposal. There is also a medley of other threats that can happen only in space that they must overcome and survive.

Sandra Bullock is totally convincing as Dr. Ryan Stone, a medical engineer for NASA on her first space shuttle mission, which goes dangerously wrong. Her role was equally challenging physically as it was mentally and she pulls it off effortlessly. You feel her desperation, sorrow, tenacity, and fear and empathize with her throughout the movie. George Clooney, despite his extremely short screen time, leaves a mark in the hearts of the viewers for his charming and brilliant portrayal of veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski, whose extremely cool demeanor adds humor even to the most tense scenes, and his astute, confident nature and protectiveness of his crew gives depth to the character.

But the forte of this movie lies in its visual effects and 3D, which immerses the viewers into the beauty as well as dangers of outer space. The scene where George Clooney’s character says “You gotta admit one thing. You can’t beat the view” explains the beauty, and the damage caused by the debris is irrefutably the most thrilling 3D experience since Avatar. One can just imagine the efforts that went behind the making of the movie and remain aghast.

The only superfluous element seems to be Ryan’s back story, which wasn’t really helpful in anyway. She had my sympathy anyway with the afflictions of space and it didn’t seem like the past was really required. However, the movie as a whole is gripping experience and comes with the best 3D and visual effects to date.

I will rate it at 9 on 10, since its a breathtaking marvel from Cuarón and his team, in all aspects of film making. Watch it in 3D and in the best and biggest screen possible.

Rating: 9/10


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